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About Us

What Do We Do?

Beijing Infinite Vision Technology Co., Ltd. established in Beijing, the capital of China. We master the cutting-edge 3D rendering technologies to deliver realistic still image, animation and virtual reality for residential cultural and commercial projects. Our company mainly undertakes architectural renderings, multimedia displays, animation displays, etc. We are specialized in architectural visualization, taking originality the core and market demand as the guidance, mainly using computer graphics and image technology for visual design and creation. We have a multitude of technical professors and advanced visual renderers.

Company Culture

Becoming a respected CG enterprise that influences the world

Combination of art and technology is our long-lasting pursuit in order to provide client with comprehensive solutions

Realize dreams for employees and create eternal value for society.

Business Scope


Still image to express the design concept, mostly used in competition, bidding and commissioned design.


Walking-through or flying-through animation to overview the project site. Usually the report object is the developer.


Help the judges or developer understand well about your concept and idea. We use functional diagram in this part.