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Founder of Infinite Vision

Mingji Xu

Xu He is talended in painting since his childhood, he has studied painting for fourteen years. He studied at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and was taught by Professor Zhuang Ziping. During his work, he worked for the top domestic CG listed companies, and was the senior manager of Silk Road Vision Beijing Branch responsible for various top landmark cases.

Responsible Case


Alibaba-Beijing Headquarters Building (Bid Successfully)

Swire Properties-Beijing Sanlitun Renovation

Tang Song Villa

G20 Summit Main Venue Zhuhai

Hengqin Customs Clearance Port

Beijing New Airport Terminal

Laos Maso Hospital

Major achievements In 2017, Won the industry meritorious award for the CITIC TOWER Project In 2018, the Laos Maso Hospital Project was affirmed and appreciated by General Secretary Xi Jinping