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SWA GROUP won the competition of the Landscape design of Lihu New Town

On February 7, the review results of the international competition for the landscape design of the core area of Lihu New Town were released. SWA Group (main unit) + Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (member of the consortium) was officially finalized as the landscape design unit of the core area of Lihu New Town, Next, we will continue to deepen the plan and promote the landscape construction of the core area.

Prior to this, Lishui launched an international competition for the landscape design of the core area of Lihu New Town. Through fierce competition and expert selection, MLA+B.V., SWA, AECOM and their consortium members were selected to carry out the conceptual design of the landscape plan for the core area of Lihu New Town, and an expert review meeting was held on 3rd February for review.

At the review meeting, 7 experts with deep theoretical research experience and rich practical experience in landscape, planning, bridges and other fields were invited to form a professional review team to conduct program review.

SWA Group + Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The design of Lihu New Town takes water as the soul, and all the spatial forms of the design are inspired by the flowing form of water. Through the design method of taking water as valley, water as vortex, and water as vein, the ecology, industry, Culture and landscape are integrated.

Advantages: This design proposes three major visions to create a water town in the dream of leisure and livelihoods, build a green and healthy city, and promote the vigorous development of traditional and modern pharmaceutical industries. Among them, the axis park should provide the city with diversified opportunities and use the kinetic energy of the “one axis” linear landscape to promote the construction of commercial, retail or office buildings. The waterfront landscape belt will take “water” as the theme and “township” as the context, constructing the local unique water village culture throughout the surrounding cultural areas, connecting the Lishui River and the surrounding development zone on the river bank, and providing a carrier for cultural festival activities.

Expert Reviews: Swa is a professional team leading the world in landscape design. Its design concept and technology are forward-looking, leading and innovative. He has the most thorough understanding of the Lingnan town, Cantonese culture and the positioning of Lihu New Town, rooting a healthy lifestyle in urban public spaces and meeting the requirements of site construction. The design content of the four levels of “ecological shelter-city link-cultural heritage-health experience” is logically clear and rich in content. The completeness of the landscape system of the plan is very strong. The urban roads, central axis, central island, Hongqi Bay, and waterfront landscape bridge corridors are fully considered. The plan is relatively mature and comprehensive, and the landscape layout and node design have a sense of beauty; traditional culture and Modern health activities are rich in creation, and the space design in the plan is better integrated with local cultural activities, which can achieve the effect of creating new city vitality.